The beginnings ...


In the beginning, HOPSTORE was the link between the need for Organic Hops on the one hand, and the producers of Organic Hops on the other.

We started like that and grew like that.

First with the first fridges:

...then the small 12m3 cold room at home next to the offices,

...then helped out by friends who were producers because they were still cramped,

...and then to a cold carrier,

...then to another in Mâcon to finish...

And now...

Along the way, we were faced with a challenge: more and more of the growers we were starting to work with were not equipped to shovel their harvest.

So at first we had them done here, then there, then here and there... with all the balancing act required to make everyone's schedules work.

Not to mention the great diversity of finished products (bags, types of pellets, etc.), the delays, costs and additional hazards associated with the transport from producer to processor: some of you may remember that we lost 1.5T of freshly pelletized hops in smoke in our transporter's warehouse, which caught entirely on fire!

In short, we were no longer satisfied; and in 2021 we took the decision to add another string to our bow by investing in a complete converting line.

We were going to produce the pellets offered in the store ourselves (except for certain imported hops). We were going to become merchants-producers!

So we moved again, to the large warehouse we occupy today.

We installed cold storage, dry storage, a pellet production line and an order preparation/shipping area.