About the shipments

No. While it is important to keep the hops cool to limit the drop in Alpha levels over time, this does not happen within a few days of transport.

The hops are shipped via La Poste, Chronopost or carriers (depending on the volumes ordered) and reach you within 48 to 72 hours after shipment.

Shipping costs are free from 450€ HT of order. This corresponds to an average basket of about ten kilos.

Most of the breweries benefit from free shipping on their orders, which you won't find with everyone! 🙂

Packages from 4kg are sent via Chronopost, which offers a very rigorous tracking of packages. They are delivered to you within 24 hours from the time of delivery and hand-delivered. You will receive an email at the time of pickup that allows you to track your package.

Packages of lower weight are sent by Colissimo. You will receive an email at the time of delivery to allow you to track your order.

The pallets are sent by carrier. Average delivery time is 3 days. For the follow-up, you have to come back to us 😉.

A paper copy of your invoice will be in your package systematically.

For professional brewers, you will have access to a reserved area that will allow you to download it again if necessary.

This is part of the actions we take to limit the impact of our activity on the environment.

As far as possible and especially for smaller packages, we prefer to reuse cartons in good condition rather than use new ones. We thus preserve raw materials (those used for the manufacture of the boxes), extend the life of the products (instead of being destroyed after a single use, the boxes have with HOPSTORE a second life) by thus limiting the production of waste.

Everyone can contribute to the preservation of our environment, can't they? 🙂

Concerning hops

The hops are stored in their original bags or in ours for smaller packages.

They are opaque bags, under vacuum and protective atmosphere (nitrogen).

They are stored in cold storage all year round.

In order to satisfy all requests, we recondition the hops in bags of 100, 500gr and 1kg. For this we use a vacuum machine which injects nitrogen. Nitrogen is a neutral gas that prevents the oxidation of the pellets.


Some brewers use freezing, which works well if you use your whole bags at once. There are two points to watch out for, though:

  1. Once thawed, you need to use it completely (you don't refreeze, no-no) and quickly so that it doesn't degrade;
  2. if for one reason or another you have to transport the bags of frozen pellets you risk a significant alteration of your hops during transport, especially because of the moisture that will condense inside the bag.

The best way to store hops is to place them in the fridge / or in a cold room.

HOPSTORE is controlled and certified organic for the import, storage, packaging and distribution of Organic Hops.

You can download our certificate here.

It is this certificate, together with the invoices of your hops (bearing all the compulsory mentions) that you must present for your audits Organic. Nothing more. Some auditors are overzealous in asking for analyses or other documents that are not necessary to check traceability Organicand compliance with its regulations.

The hops do not have their own certificates, the hop growers/producers are certified, which we guarantee and verify when we purchase from them.

Analyses can be carried out on an ad hoc basis but not systematically.