The genesis

Having settled in South Burgundy, Jean-Sébastien (JS) and Leïa are recomposing their professional lives. Leïa wanted to stop working as a waste management consultant, and JS did various things, including working in a brewery Organic 😉

Several times he mentions the difficulty of sourcing hops Organic, Leïa's curiosity, which dreams of something else, is piqued. She finds out more about the plant, "falls in love" with it and the new business project takes shape:

make life easier for hop growers who do not wish to sell hops at retail AND make life easier for brewers by sourcing a catalog of Organic Hops for them.
It's 2017 and HOPSTORE is born!

Leïa went to Envie for the first fridges, explored the possibilities and found the first certified hops Organic which she offered for retail sale, without waiting on an online store.

The transformation

JS is never far away, and in 2020 he joined forces with HOPSTORE. Quite naturally, Leïa is on the plant side and focuses on supplies, JS is in contact with our brewery customers, on the beer side 😉

In 2021, after many requests on your part, we launch the supply contracts. Gaëlle joins us at this time to help us pamper you and make sure everything runs smoothly.

And let's face it, you're there every step of the way!

In brief

Everyday life is made up of hops and selfies encounters, field visits, travel, learning (logistics, requirements Organic, etc.), questioning... so many challenges to take up that make the adventure so exciting.