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Reducing our environmental impact is everyone's business, including ours. We have already put in place a number of things (to be found here), I present you the latest!

No need to hide behind our little finger, the multilayer bags in which the hops are packed are an ecological debility. They are suitable for food, opaque and robust but... impossible to recycle they end up incinerated. Faithful reflections of the linear economy, extraction of resources-production-consumption-waste, from which we must now leave.

For the 20, 10 or 5kg pellets, for the moment, there are not really credible alternatives for the general public. It is a frequent topic of conversation and some farms, especially in the US, are working on new materials but it is not easy. The characteristics of the material are demanding.

For the repackaging or "little bags" as we call them, we decided to choose another material, recyclable this one!

You can't miss them, they are all white and contain only 0% (ahah) aluminum. They are made of PE-EVOH, designed to contain foodstuffs and adapted to gas insufflation.

They are less resistant and less opaque than traditional multi-layers but this is the price to pay (literally because they are more expensive) for them to be recycled.

We chose to use them anyway because these "little bags" must be kept in a cool place like their big brothers (fridge or freezer) and thus protected from light. Then as they only contain a maximum of one kilo of pellets, we considered their resistance sufficient. They have already started to reach you and nothing to report so far. Yeay!

Small photo gallery of the workshop of reconditioning of your "small bags" (a photo gag slipped in, will you recognize it?):

So now you can recycle your little bags from Organic Hops. It's a small step, but progress nonetheless 😉

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