Importing Hops Organic

Importing hops Organicis specific. It's not like importing tyres, importing sugar, or even importing sugar Organic: Organichops have their own requirements. We explain!

There are 3 basic points: what concerns the hops, what concerns the Organic, what concerns the distributor.

Concerning hops

As you probably know, in order to be put on the market, hops (in cones or pellets) must comply with certain specifications. The latter refers in particular to the amount of seeds the hop contains, the amount of organic debris it contains (branches, leaves), its moisture content...

A hop producer who wishes to sell hops rather than use them for his own consumption must have them analysed and obtain a certificate - nothing to do here with Organic, conventional hops are subject to the same requirement - attesting that they meet the quality requirements to be sold as hops. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, hops must be "Certified Hops" in order to be marketed!

Therefore, when you buy hops from abroad, you must be able to certify that the hops you import meet the quality criteria required in the EU. To do this, approved bodies issue a CERTIFICATE OF EQUIVALENCE. This document is essential for importing hops into the Community (i.e. the EU) and the number of this document must be indicated on your invoice when you buy hops. TRA-CA-BI-LI-TE! -- So for every hop import (Organicor not), an Attestation of Equivalence

On the invoices we issue, you will find the number of the Certificate of Equivalence that has been issued for each imported hop.

Regarding the Organic

It should be noted that even if not all countries have exactly the same specifications for agriculture Organic, international agreements exist to consider that Organicfrom certain countries can be sold as Organicin the Community area, provided that all the requirements of conformity and traceability are respected.

As in Europe, hop growers Organicabroad must be certified Organic- this is an organic certificate - which is issued to them following an analysis of their production.

As far as we are concerned, these Organiccertificates must be issued by an EU-recognised body. In other words, certain organisations may be authorised to issue certificates Organicin their country but if they are not legitimate in the EU, this is not compliant for imports. You must have your papers and the right ones, TRA-CA-BI-LI-TE! -- If the certificates Organicare issued by recognised organisations in the EU, yes Organicfrom most countries of the world can be sold as Organicin the EU

We check the Organiccertificates of our suppliers BEFORE purchasing, and they are also checked by our certification body every timeHOPSTORE is checked.

Concerning the distributor

Your humble provider then 😉

Not everyone is allowed to import agri-food Organicinto the EU as they wish. To do so, you must be recognised 1. as a legitimate actor in the EU, responsible for verifying, collecting and archiving all the documentation required for import; 2. as a legitimate actor on the Organicwebsite, certified by Organic. TRA-CA-BI-LI-TE! -- In order to import hops Organicinto the EU, it is necessary to have obtained authorisation to do so.

HOPSTORE is authorised to import organic hops into Europe. We import our own hops OrganicUS and NZ which we offer in our shop

In brief

COMPLIANCE & TRACEABILITY are the key words that govern the import of organic hops into Europe. Your supplier is the guarantor of a proper import into the Community AND of the traceability Organicof the hops he offers you.

It is their responsibility to ensure that no documents are missing, that no documents have been issued by a body not recognised in the EU, that all certificates are up to date, etc. Otherwise, if something is found to be non-compliant at some point - for example, on entry into the EU, or worse, once the goods have been sold - your supplier will be held responsible, and this is not without consequences. If it is a defect in the import procedure, the products should not even have been put on the market; if it is a defect in Organic, the hops can simply be downgraded. So as you yourself are dependent for your own certificates on the certificates of your suppliers (themselves dependent on the certificates of theirs.... TRA-CA-BI-LI-TE), the consequences for your business are not to be neglected. -- You have to import your hops Organicvia trusted distributors

We are here for you 😉

Leïa and JS

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